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Spain is the Set of Movies

by Dilek on 2/28/2013

Have you ever noticed that many Hollywood movies were shot in Spain? Maybe one of your favorite scenes is back dropped by a Spanish plaza or steep Almeria hillsides, landscapes that may have tricked you into thinking… more »

Travel Around the Wonders of Spain

by Dilek on 6/1/2012

Spain is a country rich in art, has passionate people and full of historic heritage. Now everyone can take a walk and breath the air of Spanish culture.At first stage, this can happen virtually at the moment but it is… more »

Where to Study in Spain

by Dilek on 5/11/2012

If you are considering studying in Spain, the location is one of the determining factors while choosing a graduate or post-graduate program.Beyond the geographical proximity, there are cities being specifically… more »

New Courses at the University of Salamanca

by Lindsay Cook on 4/11/2011

The University of Salamanca will run two new courses which will start at the beginning of the coming academic year, 2011 -2012.It will be possible to take a masters in Nuclear Physics, a program which is being run in… more »

FEDELE in Salamanca

by Laura Ellis on 10/28/2010

On the November 25th and 27th a Meeting of european schools teaching spanish as a foreign language will be taking place in Salamanca. It has been organised by FEDELE along with Turespaña in order to allow a… more »

Courses for Teachers of Spanish

by Laura Ellis on 10/14/2010

The Department of Education has just released plans for a Professional Development Course, with a focus of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.Linked to an initiative led by the Instituto Cervantes, an estimated… more »