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Study Fashion in Spain

by Dilek - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fashion never dies. New York, London, Paris and Milano might be the most known cities when it comes to fashion yet one city should be taken into account as a trendsetter which is Madrid. Madrid Fashion Week and Gaudi Catwalk in Barcelona are the most important fashion events where the latest Spanish trends.

Spanish fashion has been on international stage for a long time. From the era opened by talented designers like Balenciaga, Spain has caused lots of important designers earn to fashion world such as Paco Robanne, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, and the name Manolo Blahnik might ring a bell if you ever watched Sex and the City. Famous brands like Zara and Victorio & Lucchino -can be seen on cover photo- are expanding their shops throughout the world.

Studying fashion in Spain will give you an understanding of history and a deep insight of cultural diversity. It will open the doors of a glamorous world and offer a big opportunity to get a place among the many fashion icons. Here is a list of prestigious fashion schools in Madrid and Barcelona where the heart of fashion beats the most.

Escuela Superior de Moda y Empresa: The school is based in Madrid offering courses like Fashion Design, Marketing and Communication of Fashion or Coolhunting. The school also offers master programs and online learning. Top brands like Zara, El Corte Ingles and Amaya Arzuaga have collaboration with the school.

Esdemga: The Fashion and Textile Studies in University of Vigo which is situated in the beautiful coastal town of Galicia. The alumni have the opportunity of an internship in the famous brands like Adolfo Dominguez or international ones like Burberry.

Inedi Design School: Founded in 1986 in Bilbao and offers programs on fashion design, graphic design and multimedia.

Escuela de Diseño de Modas KROOM: Another Madrid based school which provides a comprehensive education of fashion and trends. The program duration is 2 years yet it is also available to take Intensive course for 3 months.

Eda – Centro Artistico de Moda y Diseño: The school offers a wide range of courses from the technical side (digital design and illustration) to classic education. The location is in the south of Spain in Cadiz.

ISEM Fashion Business School: It is an affiliation of University of Navarre and is the first school designed for fashion management. It also offers exchange studies in Milano and Paris.

CSDMM: The school takes place under Technical University of Madrid and is one of the prestigious schools supported by Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Among the several courses one is quite interesting to take: Professional Fashion Training with Ana Locking.

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