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FUNDESEM creates new grants for their Business Course

by Lindsay Cook - Monday, June 06, 2011

FUNDESEM have signed agreements with 9 different businesses and institutions who will provide grants for people taking business courses at FUNDESEM.

People who are successful in their applications for the grant will have 50% of the tuition fees paid for. Applications are open until 11th July 2011.

The following groups are helping with the funding of the courses: Tempe (who are part of the Inditex Group) Digital Plus, Economía 3, GREF, the Official School of Social Degrees in Alicante, the Distinguished Law School in Alicante, Territorial Tax Management Group, Pérez Segura &Associates and the Basat Ogilvy Group.

Each of these groups will fund a different course within the business school. The grants will be awarded following various admission tests and also with relation to the earnings of their families.

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