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The Best Scholarships to Apply for in Spain

by Dilek - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Many people dream of taking a study abroad course in college and later getting a graduate/post-graduate degree. A work abroad experience is another exciting possibility to help you begin a promising career. Not only will you learn a language but you’ll also get to know a whole different culture. Personal insight into the work structure of a different country may also give you a new perspective on work. The expenses required by study abroad programs often create a financial barrier that stands in the way of work/study abroad experiences. Fortunately, government, private and public organizations all offer financial aid to students, and Spain is one of the best countries to find study scholarships in.

The most widely known of these scholarships is Becas MAEC-AECID. It is granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which offers financial aid to young people. This scholarship is available to European Union and non European Union students, (preferably under 35 years) who study in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports also provides several types of scholarships to international applicants. Their Becas MECD are for students studying languages or interning abroad. The Ministry of Tourism also offers Spaniards the opportunity to work abroad. One of the most popular scholarships is the Erasmus scholarship, which is available to students studying or working in European countries.

The ALFA programme is a co-operation project between European Union and Latin America institutions to improve higher education. Students from the European Union and 18 Latin American countries can apply for this program. The Carolina Foundation is a semi-private organization designed to improve and maintain the quality of educational, cultural and scientific projects primarily in Spain and Latin American countries. The foundation has recently announced that 582 scholarships will be provided, mostly for post-graduate studies in Spain and for exchange programs. 20 scholarships are reserved for Brazilian teachers who want to study abroad. Becas Vulcanus (Vulcanus Scholarship) is a program for students who want to study and gain work experience in Japan. Applicants must study engineering or science and be in at least the third year of a course at a university in a European Union country.

Leading companies such as Santander and La Caixa offer scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Santander Group usually offers opportunities several times throughout the year. There are many scholarships offered to Latin American and Asian students and specific fields related to science and technology always have open positions to study or work as an intern. La Caixa frequently posts scholarship announcements on its webpage. Spanish companies often support students by providing them with access to a better education and a promising future.

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