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Spanish is Important for Parents, Too

by Dilek - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Spanish education might have been overlooked since recent years in USA yet for the last decade it has turned out to be a vital situation not only for non Spanish speaking community but also Hispanic people.

Living in a heterogeneous society makes you assimilate and adapt yourself in different situations mostly the cultural differences. Language is the most affected aspect in this phase when you get involved too much in language of the country one lives -which sometimes a natural cause of the country policy- the native language is suppressed and be forgot within time. One of the reasons why it is easy to forget is the education system at school mostly only-English policy has some influences on kids that they would prefer to speak English at home as well. Fortunately this structure has started to change especially in the southern states where Hispanic population mostly resides in. Bilingual education has demonstrated that it will help kids to get analytical thinking, deal with more than one task with ease, and prevent Alzheimer. Bilingual education has added deeper understanding and cultural richness in national identity. USA now is known for diversity and no one can leave out the Hispanic factor while taking the whole nation into consideration.

Parents in USA also deal with not the same problems but different issues. For Spanish speaking parents it is dramatically important to preserve their heritage and cultural background so that they speak Spanish with their kids at all times from the day they are born. It doesn’t mean they are only receiving Spanish but also they acquire English consequently growing up healthy bilingual individuals. Another important aspect is having parents with different languages. English speaking parent may disregard the importance and don’t pay much attention to learn Spanish yet the more effective communication and language acquisition starts from the womb and parents should support each other for their kids to be fluent bilinguals. If one of the parents rejects learning Spanish, the kid might show the same attitude no to speak Spanish at home. It is important for parents to use English and Spanish on an equal basis. In addition studies also show that bilinguals perceive the world in a different way and the level of proficiency is not important at all.

And for non Spanish speaking parents, it is necessary to get a part in the transformation of American society. Living in the same neighborhood with Spanish speakers, ATM’s, advertisements and news have become bilingual, and the friends of their kids would be Spanish speakers. Hispanic community is influential everywhere working in different areas, studying and taking place in politics which makes it a quite a big necessity to get adapted to Spanish language.

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